M in Music Mode

Since I haven’t been able to make it to dance class or practice dance as much as usual, I’m a little obsessed with music, specifically cante. Because unlike dance and guitar, it’s something I can do in the car.

What if I tried to learn a letra of whatever palo I’m working on in class? Uh, seems like a good idea but it’s not that easy. I consider myself a musical person, good with melody and lyrics, but flamenco is a beast. It’s different in rhythm, tone, nuance … and oh yeah, it’s in a foreign language.

It sounds ridiculous to say flamenco is in a “foreign” language, right? Well, for me, it is. Spanish is familiar, but I don’t speak it. But hey, with the chorale I’ve sung in Hebrew, French, Italian, Russian and German, so I can try singing in Spanish too. Good Lord, help me.

After working with alegrias a bit during last week’s daily commute, today I shifted my attention to guajiras. So I went looking for inspiration and while YouTube surfing, I found this. Dancing AND singing? I wish! And this is a fast guajiras. Love how she gets a little wild at the end. I’ve seen other videos of Fernanda and she was a bad ass. Damn.




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