Those B!tches are in Albuquerque without Me

Marissa’s best bitch face.

Yep, you heard me. My three classmates — as well as other friends from last year’s festival — are in Albuquerque without me. Am I jealous? YES. Am I happy for my friends? Of course.

Thursday night in class, I joked that I would use this title for a blog. Well, bitches, I wasn’t joking — ha ha!! Kidding. I AM joking about the “bitches” part.

I also joked that I’d blog every day of the festival, just because. Seems weird not writing about festivities this year since I did it every day of the festival the last couple of years. I thought I had an annual tradition going. Oh well. I would have loved to have been there again, but it’s quite an eventful year for me and I just couldn’t make it. The biggest news is that my favorite festival sidekick Nick, my little brother, is getting his master’s degree (Library & Information Science) this week. So can I get an Olé! for my bro up in here?!

But just because I’m not in Albuquerque doesn’t mean I won’t be soaking up some skills and aire right here at home. I’d missed many classes over the last several busy weeks, but I’m back at work with Rina and my classmates, learning choreographies for our show in September. It felt so good being back in class last week. And that makes me happy. Can I get an Olé!?

And to my good friends in ABQ: Have a wonderful time!! xoxoxoxoxo




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