A cold + no air conditioning + 2+ hours of dance = this face.
A cold + no air conditioning + 2+ hours of dance = this face.

The pressures of life and the dance are kicking my butt. The show is less than 18 days away and I feel like I still have much to do to prepare while other things are on my mind. My immune system is not helping me. Stupid cold.

I feel fine with the group dances; we’ve been working on them for months and there’s safety in numbers. It’s the solo I’m struggling with. I think I’ve tried too hard to change the old choreography, instead of focusing on doing it better. That’s me, though — always over thinking, instead of just doing the darn thing. But I’m not going to whine about it here (even if it sounds like I am a bit). No, for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be polishing up my dance and embedding it in my brain because it’s almost showtime. And I can do this.

I did manage to get in some solo studio time over the long weekend and it felt good. I wish I had access to a dance floor every day; it makes such a difference. Here I am running through some footwork, which definitely feels different on wood than it does on my living room carpet. The feeling of my feet striking the floor is empowering and the sound of the pounding helps put the rhythm in my mental and muscle memory.

And so I did the following, several times, until I was surprised by the friendly “Hi!” of a compañera

And then I went back a couple hours later and did it some more. Olé.


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