No, I mean, I’m really hot, as in, the temperature of my body is uncomfortably high.

I don’t do well in heat and as I’ve gotten older, that intolerance has only worsened. It’s not unbearably hot where I live, but the air conditioning at the studio has been out for months (seems like years!!). The room I rehearse in is the worst. This morning I walked into the fresh hot steam and funk from the zumba class that had just ended. Joy. Did I mention I’m coming off a cold and my lungs aren’t 100%? Oh well. Such is the life of a flamenca who lacks her own studio space. The show must go on.

So I worked on my dance for an hour, taking short breaks between stompity-stomps to wipe the sweat (and boy, do I SWEAT) and drink water. I was able to get some relief from the inappropriately large-and-loud-for-the-small-space fan on the wall. You can hear it this video. Rina taught me this little nugget last time we met:

When I was done, soaked and out of gas, I spent a few minutes catching up with my fellow soloist who had been working with Rina in the other room. We compared solo notes, shared fears and uncertainties, had a few laughs and headed to front desk to book our next studio dates after realizing, “Oh gawd, we’re rehearsing with musicians in a week!” Nice to know I’m not the only one cramming 🙂




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