How is it March already?!

Twenty days until show time … wha?!?!

I am excited! And nervous! And obviously I’ve been so busy rehearsing or thinking about rehearsing because I haven’t written in for-EVER.

Fun with JT
Fun with JT

I’ve been taking it all in: the many rehearsals, getting used to a different group of artists, working in one particular palo for the first time, etc. There have been many firsts during this experience. At times I’ve been frustrated with myself for not getting it as quickly as I’d like, but I have to remind myself that we all learn at different paces and by different methods. But on each occasion I’ve spent practicing with all of these wonderful people, I left exhausted, sweaty and smiling because I learned so much and I had FUN.

But the fun ain’t over, folks. We’ve still got a show to do! Are YOU coming?

Hope you can all make it. Maestro Juan put together a great line-up. A whole lotta talent and variety. Ole!


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