Countdown to ‘Flamenco Bravo!’

When I got involved with this project back in October, the performance date seemed light years away — and yet now here we are, a couple of days from taking the stage. Where did the time go?!

I know I say I’m excited before every performance, but for this one the excitement is off the charts. This production is unlike anything else with which I’ve been involved and I’m not entirely sure what to expect come 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. I’m feeling pretty good about everything, but I don’t think I’ll be at maximum confidence until after our final run-through at the theater on Saturday afternoon.

What I AM 100 percent sure of is that I am going to be on stage with a fantastic bunch of professionals! Working with these folks has been eye opening. My biggest takeaway from this experience is that a professional dancer must be open minded and a master of adaptability. Things can change week to week, day to day, one minute to the next. Creative directors are struck with new ideas, choreography evolves, musical cues change — if you can’t or won’t keep up, you’re in trouble. I guess this really isn’t news to me, but this is the first time I’ve had to face all of the above without having the comfort of hiding behind the “but I’m a student” defense. In other words, shit just got real.

But, man, has this all been fun! I’m grateful for every second of it.

Here are a few shots from our rehearsals, which were chock full of creativity, hard work and a little hijinks. I’ve also attached the show flier to the bottom of the page. There’s still time to reserve tickets!

Juan says funny stuff and cracks us up.
The all-stars in deep concentration.
El Maestro shows us how it’s done.
Working it out with the musicians.
It’s really not what it looks like.
Trying to be artsy with this shot.


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