I Love My Studio!

Nearly three years since moving into my home, I finally have what I always wanted and what I imagined for this space even before it was officially mine: A home dance studio!

It’s been a process getting to this point. I did almost nothing with the space for about a year because there were too many other things to handle first and no money for extras. A year or so later I bought some matlay with which to cover the hardwood — instant dance floor! The only thing left to buy would be the mirrors, which don’t come cheap. Those would have to wait — until last week.

Long story short, we purchased, picked up, and mounted two 6’x6′ mirrors and now I am LOVING this space!!!


But wait, there’s MORE!

Saturday afternoon Boo turned his attention from his art projects back to my studio to make some enhancements: BAM! Mood lighting!

Super cozy!
The photo doesn’t quite do it justice, but the view looking in from the backyard is quite lovely.

Did I mention how much I love Boo? Not only is he supportive, he’s proactive in making MY studio dreams come true. I couldn’t have done any of this without him.

This guy … seriously. #love

I have goals for more upgrades SOMEday (sprung floor would be ideal) but for a good long while, I am all set.

Now that our creative spaces are good to go, we hope to have our friends visit for an “open-studios” party at some point soon. Juerga, anyone?!

13 thoughts on “I Love My Studio!

  1. Oh I just love it mija! Congrats! It looks great and I’m so proud of you and John for making the homestead better all the time! Daddy and I are so happy that you love and cherish your little casita!

    Much love,

    Mommy & Daddy


    1. Laura!! I’ve not blogged in a while so I’m just seeing your comment — thank you! I’m getting back to writing tonight! I’ve heard of your trips to Jerez and would looooooove to join you one day! x



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