On 43

Thirty days into 2017 and the theme for the year has become clear: adventure.

My birthday weekend began Thursday when I got home butt-late from work, tired and frustrated, only to find a big-ass birthday balloon and flowers from Boo — a “pre-birthday” treat. I wanted to cry, haha! Friday was a full day of fun with my brother, which included ramen noodles, empanadas, two Marie Callender’s pies and LaLa Land — which I loved and he absolutely hated. Arguing about the movie on the way home was half the fun. Saturday was spent having a fat Mexican lunch and a nice visit with Pop. Sunday was spent having a delicious dinner with Mom, other Dad, Bro and Boo at one of my favorite spots. And of course there were presents. How lucky am I?

But the real adventure kicked off today as I helped Boo move the last of his things from his place into mine. That’s right, these two forty-something, insanely independent yet totally compatible love-struck weirdos now share a home. #lifechange

Boo & me at birthday dinner.

Neither of us has ever lived with a significant other so this is a big deal for us both.

Aside from the adjustments of sharing a home, I’m excited about what this will do for my dance game. You see, my incomplete, scarcely used dance studio out back is connected to what is now Boo’s art studio. And Boo is no Johnny-sometimes-artist.

I’ve joked that having my studio next to his will stir friendly competition, or at least healthy guilt-tripping. Like, “I’ve been working on this painting all day … why aren’t you dancing??” Or “Hey, I’ve been dancing for hours. Get out here and work on that painting, or get up and make me a sandwich!!”

Creativity breeds creativity, passion breeds passion. How could I not be inspired to move in the presence of a dedicated artist?

I hope he’ll say the same about me one day.

We ended my birthday evening with a lovely al fresco Greek dinner and talk of what’s to come. And the adventure begins.

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. I love you all!







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