On 47

Hey, look who’s back!

It’s been three years since my last post. Where have I been and why haven’t I written? Well, let’s see:

2018 — was a particularly distressing year at my job. I danced less and had no desire to write about it.
2019 — I got engaged and had a wedding! I danced even less than in 2018 and had no time to write about it.
2020 — We were all derailed by a pandemic. I danced very little and had nothing to write about.

But a day after celebrating my pandemic birthday with Japanese take-out lunch with my husband, parents and brother, I’m feeling grateful for my family and our health, and optimistic about 2021. Time to shake off the stank of 2020 and embrace the possibilities of my 47th year. I’m inspired to step back into my Senovillas and my studio, and reconnect with my flamenco community.

I haven’t been in a dance class since March of last year and I’ve lacked the discipline to do any significant practice aside from the occasional kitchen patada while waiting for the microwave to reheat leftovers. I had honest intentions for getting back into a routine over the holidays, but that was a bust. But it’s time to turn things around and I’m going to be realistic about how much I will commit to doing.

So I’ll ease back into it with 20 minutes three times a week. More if I’ve got it in me, but 20 minutes three times a week is a reasonable start. I’m hoping that talking about it and posting progress videos here will help me stick to it. Ole! Let’s go!

I get by with a little help from my friends: A little wedding Sevillanas, 9.21.19

2 thoughts on “On 47

  1. Always loved your blog and so excited you are back! I am on again off again with Flamenco myself, but maybe this will motivate me to get back to it!

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